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Vector Network Analyzer

Protek A338 Vector Network Analyzer 4 port version

is not only fully inherited from great features such as fast sweep time, frequency offset, and time domain of Protek A333/A338 series but specialized in pursuing higher efficiency in the production lines of passive components and R&D laboratories by adding more ports.


With a great demand on the smartphone production in the fast changing environments, Protek A338 4port version provides best and affordable solutions for vendors.



  • Frequency Range : 100kHz ~ 8GHz, 16 Parameters support (S11 ~ S44)

  • Measurement time per point : 100us per point

  • Wide Output Power Range : -60dBm to +10dBm

  • Dynamic Range : >150dB (1Hz IF bandwidth)

  • Time domain and gating conversion included

  • Two Independent Signal Sources

  • Frequency offset mode, including vector mixer calibration measurements

  • Up to 16 logical channels with 16 traces each

  • Multiple precision calibration methods and automatic calibration

  • Up to 500,001 measurement points

  • Fixture simulation

  • COM/DCOM compatible for LabView and automation programming

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