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Mixed/Signal Oscilloscope

The NEW Protek 8000 Series consist of two types of line-up.

The first line-up is recommended for efficient and practical use. It offers clean & fast signal analysis, 8-inch high-resolution display, high memory of 28Mpts, basic serial BUS decoding.

It is a reasonable product that can be effectively used in various measurement environments.

  • Bandwidth 100MHz 

  • Real time sampling rate, Analog channel: 1GSa/s

  • Provide 2 or 4 analog channels

  • A variety of serial protocol trigger and decode functions (I2C, SPI, UART/RS232, CAN, LIN, USB, FLEX RAY)

  • A variety of smart trigger functions (Pattern, Window, Interval, Drop-Out, Runt)

  • Support history function and segmented memory (std. up to 200,000 frames)

  • Max. Waveform capture rate up to 200,000wfs/s

  • 26 kinds of automatic waveform measurements,support measurement statistics function

  • Advanced waveform math operations (FFT, MATH)

  • Complete connectivity: USB Host, USB Device (USBTMC, Pict-Bridge), LAN(VXI-11), EXT-TRIG,PASS/FAIL,TRIG OUT

  • Support SCPI remote control commands

  • Multi-language user interface and built-in online help system

  • 8” TFT-LCD(800*480)


Protek 8204, 8354, 8504 Models Discontinued

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