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True RMS 4½ Digital Multimeter

The New "Protek 4000” 4½ Digital Multimeter is a remarkably improved multimeter with a sample design and a 51,000 counts & high accuracy of 0.02% and high-speed measurement. A high-brightness VDF dual display with excellent measurement efficiency makes the measurement parameters clearly visible to the user.
This New "Protek 4000" has significantly improved the internal SMD to differentiate it from the existing model, and it is a low cost, high efficiency model which provides various SCPI communication condition through RS-232C and USB Interface etc.

  • - High Precision of 51,000 Count, VFD Dual Display

  • - True RMS AC Voltage & Current Measurement and frequency up to 100kHz

  • - 12 Measurement functions, including DCV/ACV, DCI/ACI, Resistance, Frequency/Period, Diode, dBm, Conduction etc

  • - Math Parameters AC+DC, AC+Hz, Readout+%, and Readout+dBm Synchronously display

  • - Measurement Speed : up to 15 times/second and 30 times/second

  • - DCV Measurement Accuracy up to 0.02%, Resolution of 10µV

  • - Measured value displayed in the from of percentage(%)

  • - REL Measurement mode to eliminate stray reading

  • - Calibration withou uncovering, Limit function (HI/IN/LO) for fast sorting

  • - SCPI Interface ; RS-232C, USB etc.

  • - Max Current Measurement : up tp 20A

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