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Handheld Digital Multimeter



Protek “D707T” is a successor model of the existing D705T, which significantly improves the performance of the existing product, has a more improved measurement range in line with the high voltage and high current measurement trend, and has further strengthened portability and convenience with an ergonomic design.

  • True RMS

  • Back-lit Display (White LED)

  • AC/DC µA Measurements

  • Capacitance Measurements

  • Data Hold and Range Hold

  • Auto Power Off Function (10min)

  • Diode and Continuity Beeper Tests

  • Measures DC Voltage to 1000V, AC Voltage to 1000V, AC Voltage to 1000V and Registance to 40MΩ

  • K-Type Thermocouple Temperature Measurements

  • IEC 1010-2-032, CATIII 1000V CATIV 600V Safety Protection

  • 6000 Count LCD Display (Black & White STN)

  • MAX / MIN / AVG Mode (Sampling Rate : 100ms)

  • Frequency and Duty Cycle Measurements

  • 20A Measurements

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