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Protek generators are precise test instruments that are designed by Direct Digital Synthesis system, and can output standard waveforms and arbitrary waveforms.


It is widely used by electronic engineers in electronic labs, production lines, education and research.

  • 0.01μHz of resolution from 0.01μHz to 31MHz

  • Frequency Accuracy : ±3ppm

  •  Modulation functions : AM, FM, PM, Burst, Sweep

  • Outputs Signals : Sine, Square, Triangle, Ramp, Noise, and Arbitrary waveforms.

  • Arbitrary waveform of 40MSa/s & 16kpts waveform.

  •  Changing output voltage to the range from 0.05Vpp to 10.00Vpp and changing the unit to dBm or Vrms.

  • RS232/GPIB interface.