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Function / Arbitrary Generator

Protek GD-2000N series arbitrary waveform generator is an arbitrary waveform generator specialized in digital environment by adopting 8" inch TFT LCD to improve the visibility of waveform output and by supporting 16-channel digital output.

  • Protek Unique Easy Pulse & DDS digital synthesis technology

  • 8" TFT Color Wide LCD display

  • 500MSa/s Max sampling rate, 16bit resolution, 1μHz Frequency resolution

  • Waveforms Length 512kpts

  • Sine, Pulse, Square, Ramp, Gaussian Noise, DC, Arb in 24kinds of waveforms

  • Modulations ( AM, DBS-AM, FM, PM, ASK, FSK, PWM, Sweep, Burst )

  • Built in 200MHz Frequency-Counter

  • USB Host & Device

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170621 제품 카다로그 (Eng)_저용량_25.jpg
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