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 Programmable Power Supply

PR Series

Protek PR series programmable DC power supply is

a high-precision SMPS type power supply that supplies cleaner DC power and is a high-precision product that can be used in electrical and electronic research fields.

  • Up to 52 models: 6V~600V/1A~400A are available for selection.

  • 5 digits of current and voltage meter.

  • Max. output current up to 2000A (5 units in parallel).

  • Switching mode, high density, and convenience for installation to 19” rack,

  • Setting/ Measurement : 16bit D/A, 24bit A/D

  • 750W in 1U half width, 1.5kW in 1U/2UH, 3kW in 2U height.

  • Complete Protection : OVP, OCP,OTP

  • Standard LXI and Isolation RS-485 Interface, optional GPIB interface.

  • PH Series can store 16 sets of memories; memories can be recalled manually in front panel or by external

  • CE, LXI approved

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