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Thermal Imaging Camera



Protek T1M portable thermal imaging camera is a 160x120pixel high-precision industrial thermal imaging camera with a thermal sensitivity of 0.06℃ applied with a high-sensitivity infrared thermal imaging sensor. It can be used in various fields, and it is easy to write a measurement result report especially through the connection with a PC, so that the user can check the measurement data more conveniently.

  •  Visible and full frame rate infrared temperature measurement

  • 160*120pixel thermal image with thermal sensitivity of 0.06℃, measuring up to ~250℃

  • Measuring point setting such as high temperature point, low temperature point, center point, etc.

  • Support high and low temperature alarm function

  • 1.5m impact drop resistance and IP54 protection rating

  • Small and light weight of 510g (including battery)

  • USB TYPE-C interface for data transfer and fast charging

  • Built-in 16GB memory card

  • Equipped with 3.2”inch high-resolution TFT LCD screen

  • Measurement data report function support (EXCEL)

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