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Function / Arbitrary Generator



he GD-3604N is a 4 channels Arbitrary/Function waveform signal generator and able to provide more multifunction such as Noise, IQ signals and PRBS etc. MAX Frequency output is 600MHz and the MAX sampling rate is up to 2.5GSa/s. It generates accurate & stable waveform which adopts Direct Digital Synthesizer (DDS) technology. It also, Provides high performance and multiple functions with high-resolution(1μHz). And with a super touch screen 10.1inches & rational layout is to enhance comfort level and improve users work GD-3604N efficiency.

  • Protek Unique Easy Pulse & DDS digital synthesis technology 600MHz, 4Channels Signal output

  • 10.1" Touch Color Wide LCD display

  • 2.5GSa/s Max sampling rate, 16bit resolution, 1μHz Frequency resolution

  • Waveforms Length Max to 64Mpts

  • Protocol output functions  SPI, I2C, UART &  With PRBS support


  • Built in 800MHz Frequency-Counter

  • USB Host & Device, LAN Interface


Coming soon

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